Gunde Jaari Gallathayindhe – novel yet entertaining fare!

It’s the time when entire Tollywood does not want to take risks. Only debutant directors are licensed to take risks. Among those who are financing these risks are rare producers who still trust in the magic that telugu movies can create. They say high risks result in high returns in the Financial world. The same logic holds good for Tollywood. GJG is a run-away hit. So much that I had to go back home without tickets for a 11 pm show at In-orbit mall. And on the next night that I got tickets, it was the first row from the screen.

What makes this movie click ?

1. Chemistry between Nithin and Nithya Menon.

2. Clarity in the script written by Harshvardhan.

3. Pawan Kalyan fever and worshipping!

4. Peppy songs.

5. Creative and genuine Comedy.

The plot is slightly complex, which stands as a plus point for the movie and makes it stand out from run of the mill movies. Other than script being King of this movie, we have Nithya Menon whose screen presence, performance, and even the dance moves captures the audiences’ imagination. She sails the movie through smoothly from start to finish. One never gets bored of her expressions and screen presence. It is very rare that a person with a personality like Nithya can demand such attention in an industry that is dominated by Glamour dolls like Tamanna and Illeana.

Nithin does his usual performance. His dialogue delivery is unique, though not the best in industry, but it has worked wonders for him till date in Tollywood. He is usually wooden faced when it comes to expressions, but the energy he exudes on screen is definitely worth applauding.

The entire cast and crew seem to be fans of Power Star Pawan Kalyan fans. Watch out for the creative re-make of the popular Pawan Kalyan song from the movie Tholiprema. Something that the public in the front benches would rejoice about. Nobody’s complaining though!

The songs are Anup Rubens are good and quite catchy too. The item song by Jwala gutta could have been avoided. She looks so reluctant onscreen. You see, the janta here love item songs that are generous. And she can’t shake a leg well too.

If you are looking for 150 minutes of light-hearted love story and yet a cat-mouse chase scenario go watch this movie on the big screen. Thumbs up for this flick for being different from other regular formula movies.

–Varun Mannava Gowtham.

Gunde Jari Gallanthayyinde Movie Poster Designs (4)

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