ARGO (2012) – Movie inside a movie

Do you ever get a funny feeling when you see a person holding a camera in a photo or when you see a TV inside a TV or wallet inside a wallet ? Well this is a movie inside a movie. But it ain’t funny.

ARGO (Greek word for Swift) draws a very thin line between being a documentary vs being a mainstream movie. And it is mainstream enough to engage you for a good 120 minutes.

The movie is set in period backdrop of 1980’s where IRAN declares war on the united states embassy. Don’t miss the first five minutes which walks you through Iran history through a mini animation feature. All hell is set loose when Iranians capture the US embassy and the entire embassy staff are taken hostage except for 6 who manage to escape through the back door and get shelter in a Canadian embassy.

Ben Affleck plays the lead in the movie and also directs the movie. Quite a handful and he executes both roles with great ease. You get that intense feel when Ben Affleck lands in Iran and is awaiting Iranians buy his fake movie. The roles of 6 US citizens who escape are well portrayed especially Scoot McNairy. Watch him explain the plot of ARGO when theres a gun pointed in front of his face.

Why should anyone watch this movie? #1. It is very well thought out and very well executed. There is quite a good amount of humor thrown in (Argo F*** yourself is one such funny line). #2. It has got a unique script that not many would try to experiment in mainstream movies. The script has various challenges like espionage theme, 1980’s backdrop so an entire mob needs to be dressed in bell-bottoms but all these have been overcome convincingly. #3. This is how a movie should be made. Wannabe directors and film school students please take notes. #4. This is one movie in recent times, where the movie is as engaging and promising as the trailer. Need i say more ?

So next time you see a Swift pass by on the street, greet them saying Argo F*** yourself! They’ll understand if they have watched the movie + have read my enlightening review. Show them my review ok.

–Varun Mannava Gowtham

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