How Beautiful is the movie “Life is Beautiful”?

First things first! What makes Shekhar Kammula’s movies so like-able? The simple language used in dialogues and simple diction. The background scores and extremely enjoyable songs. In todays language we could call it “in-loop” songs. Lively locations, bright surroundings used in his movies. Freshers form part of his main cast. This may be because its easy for him to steer the movie in the right direction. In this season where a megastar can make or break a movie, a super-star director like Shekhar Kammula is the sole bet in Andhra Pradesh on which the film is betting. He kind of gets that Novelistic touch to his movies. Its like people waiting for minimum 2 years patiently for his next novel to come out. Although we have seen films based on cancer patients, its his treatment of the characters that makes this film more memorable than others.

All said and done, humans do get stale and redundant. Great geniuses come to a halt at some point in their life. Shekhar Kammula, the genius behind films like Anand, Godavari, Happy Days has reached the saturation point. Unless he takes up a genre and attacks it from his point of view, its seems more like a de-ja-vu scenario. There are numerous scenes in the movie that reminds us of scenarios from “Happy Days” movie. Was it intentional or overlooked? Thats when we realize that the director may have become redundant and may have ran out of ideas.

Although it looks more of a “Happy Days Chronicles” viewers are not complaining. Given the adulation and violence we see in movies these days, one director comes out with a movie where I can sit alongside my family and watch. And the movie touches the hearts of kids and adults alike. You walk out of the theater feeling fresh and promising about the life you have in hand.

Performances wise, the newcomers did a decent job. Apart from being attracted to hot women wearing traditional sarees and occasional brawls with the super rich bad guys, the three leading men don’t have major challenge to portray. The leading ladies are more than happy to flaunt around. Credit should go to the director in portraying the leading women in sarees and reminding the viewers that its cool too. Strong views towards usage of Telugu language too. The director is singing out a mild cultural message without being too preachy and boring. And it is for this intention that we should support his movie.

Mickey.J.Meyer, the music director, is almost like a tag team partner for Shekhar Kammula. This is their 3rd film in which music is a major box office hit.

“Life is beautiful” when you have money or when you have heart? Its for you to decide. Looking at the directors take on the super rich characters in the movie, his answer is clear.

–Varun Mannava Gowtham.

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