Bourne Legacy

Jason Bourne dives from the top of a building and gets shot before splashing into the river below. We get to know from a news report that the body was not recovered. Just then Bourne’s girlfriend smiles and then Moby’s orignial sound track is set into motion with movie credits rolling up. This extremely thrilling trilogy came to an end way back in 2007. Cut to chase to 2012 and the franchise comes up with a fourth movie to cash in on the legacy that Jason Bourne had created.

“Brisk action sequences shot using hand held cameras, hyper bike chases, romancing with syringes and incision scissors, outsmarting US Drones and CCTVs, multiple passports, never-ending chases, creating fake passports, disguises, smart lies, presence of mind…” This movie promises all the trademark “bourne-ness”.  But has it lived upto its trilogy standards ? To some extent yes, however we are left craving for more.

The credit should go to Tony Gilroy who co-wrote the screenplay and also directed this movie. Although its not totally based on the Bourne Legacy novel, it does transform into a compelling watch but gets over too soon.

Jeremy Renner gets the stamp of a full fledged action hero. He fights not only against the bitter cold in Alaska, but also wolves and US Army drones. He does break a few fists and necks of human beings. Like a lizard he slips into the cracks in buildings and basements. He is fast and he is fit. Suits the role perfectly. If Universal studios ever considered cashing in on Bourne’s popularity on television series, Jeremy could fit in perfectly. They could name it “The Bourne Chronicles”.

Rachel Weisz on the other hand plays the role of a mature but nervous PhD doctor. When she escapes in the car with Jeremy Renner, one gets reminded of Marie in Bourne Identity.

In this movie, Jeremy Renner does not take on the secret service. Maybe that part comes in a sequel later. Producer Frank Marshall leaked out that there might be a movie after this where Matt Damon and Jeremy Renner might come together. May be they are saving energy for this sequel. Which makes this movie not so epic as the earlier three movies in the Bourne trilogy. Although technically this movie looks solid and might go on to win some technical Academy awards too.

Assasin Aaron Cross, you thought of medicines, but like your predecessor you need to play a larger part of going after your betrayers who are shutting down the operation as if they are doing pest control. Why dint you think of this ?

–Varun Mannava Gowtham.

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