How to write a Critical Review on Dark Knight Rises – For Dummies

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Probably by now, hundreds of reviews are being posted on the internet, newspapers and Magazines. Facebook status updates and tweets across the globe praising the quality and class of the Dark Knight trilogy. This poses a tough question for someone like me who is strongly bent on how to write a review and try to be critical of the movie at least to some extent.

I will stick to Logic and trust me the sub-titles made my life so easy. Sub-titles are a critics’ best friend since we tend to be clear on the finer details as well as the larger picture.

The movie starts off spectacularly exhibiting the strength and motivations of Ra’s Al Gul’s faithful follower. Since Bane is wearing a mask, Nolan thought that the fear factor needs to be his voice. However Bane’s voice is being criticized for lack of clarity on low pitch dialogue delivery. It spooks you out, no second thoughts on that though.

Bane’s actions continue to provide some meat for critics like me to thrive on. Bane’s crew reaches NYSE to upload highly speculative futures trades on behalf of Bruce Wayne. Agreed. This can be done. They take hostage of the building. This can be done too. What can’t be done is escape from the building in bikes. How did those bikes come into the building in the first place? Unless I am missing something, bikes can’t be taken into the buildings. New Yorkers could correct me if I am wrong here.

The additional grey area is – Why is Bane wearing the mask, the movie does not explain it to us. One could browse wikipedia to know the reason. But still in vain. The Bane in comic characters does not have a breathing problem. That’s it stop right there dummies, these two are the only shortcomings of the film. Batman hardcore fans can pitch in here to help resolve my curious mind.

Now coming to the awesomeness side of the movie. One could watch the movie again and again in IMAX screen just to see the Bat mobile (bike) changing directions. The Bat flight makes quite an impression too and the climax is impossible without an ultra-speed jet! Everyone clicks in the performance department! From wannabe Robin to Sassy Catwoman. Desperate times require desperate measures even for the Batman. He looks upon to his friends for help when the city is turned into a war zone.

Bruce, why do we fall? This is the famous question that keeps haunting us in the first part of Batman trilogy. Nolan is famous for inspiring his viewers to the extreme. This movie also has its fair share of inspiring punch dialogues. “Fear of Death makes you perform better”. “Not Everything, not yet.”  “Peace has made you weaker.”

There couldn’t have been a better ending to the Dark Knight legend. Batman’s prison episode makes not only Bruce Wayne’s soul stronger, but also the viewers’ soul. The sweet twists in the end only make the Batman experience more better. The twists are as smooth as the bat mobile (bike) switches lanes. Despite some shortcomings in the logic, I would still go with a 4.5 on 5 rating.

–Varun Mannava Gowtham

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  1. derick says:

    Awesome dude… Read thousand reviews and this was the best one… Posting in my FB so that some more people can read it…

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