“Avengers” is what they like to call themselves, in the words of Tony Stark!

If all the comics super-heroes got together, what would they be fighting for? ‘Earth’ is not the right answer. Copyrights is !

What happens in a symphony? Hundreds of Instruments, all types of them, would play together and produce a sound that is one! Symphony, though varied in its composition, has only one mission, strike a chord with the audiences. This movie has different types of super heroes, 6 of them with the same mission to save the earth. But do they achieve it in symphony with one another is for the audiences to watch and experience. If you ask me, I would think this was the only drawback of the movie. The roles and some sequences were included just because they had to give a chance to all the 6 super-heroes. Trust me, Iron-man and Hulk were more than eneough for this task.

“Avengers” is what they like to call themselves, in the words of Tony Stark!

Boy, does he have class. From the way he lands in his terrace, to how he dismantles his armor on the move, to how his armor follows him and saves him while he is falling down from the top most floor of the new Stark building, to the A that remains hanging to his building even after the aliens attack signifying the emergence of Avengers! Avengers depend mainly on Tony Stark for class, creativity, utility and mobility. He is the star player of the team.

Hulk, the angry guy, surprisingly proves to be the comic relief. A couple of scenes picturised on him are simply one of the best in any of the super hero movie seen till now.

Thor gives emotional atyaachar to the movie, while one wonders what is Captain America’s role ever, forget Avengers.

Don’t even ask me about the remaining two super heroes, they are basically eye-candies for the aliens and the audiences. Scar-Jo remains super hot, although I would have loved more if I had known earlier about what her powers were!

Its raining super heroes these days and what more could one have asked for rather than watching them all under one roof. After the initial ego clashes and hiccups between the Marvel comics super heros, things do start working well in a MARVEL world and they rise up to the image of Avengers.

I wonder what the DC comics guys are contemplating? Quadrangular love story between Super-man, Spider-man, Bat-man and Mary Jane! Ha, that would be fun to watch. Each guy is a deeper lover than the other and who knows, they could even gift a parallel galaxy to woo Mary Jane!

–Varun Mannava Gowtham


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