3 (Tamil 2012)

Entertainment is inversely proportional to logic in Indian movies. If a movie, that is set to entertain crowds of all sorts, can still tie back to logic, I consider it to be top class entertainment.

Remember the bus stop, the isolated stretch of road while going to school or the super-market near your house where you used to frequently get a glimpse of the girl on whom you had a teenage crush? This movie transports you to the magical world of school days. Those days when you thought you would not get caught in rain but you would end up getting drenched. The days when you wanted to dance around in the rain thinking of your blossoming love. Aishwarya Dhanush (Director) can definitely strike a chord with the youngsters when it comes to portraying the first love. Add to that Anirudh Ravichander’s amazing background score, the feeling of watching it on the big screen grows on you.

The director did not submit too much to the image of the leading actor (Dhanush) and controlled herself from doing something illogical. This has been so evident from the fact that the world popular Kolaveri Di song was shot in a simple way on Marina. This proves they have not got carried away with the success of the song.

Dhanush has got a rare combination of entertainment quotient as well as acting depth. He breezes across as the teenager in pursuit of his first love. Comic timing of Shiva Karthikeyan is a plus point during the school days. He emotes heart-break with ease when his lover tells him she is going off to US for higher studies. He sets the standards while acting as a Bipolar disorder patient. Only an actor of his caliber can make sure such a concept sails through to the audiences un-adulterated.

Someone please stop Shruthi Haasan from crying. Can’t stand when she is trying too hard to impress the critics that she can act those emotional scenes. She is cute as the schoolgirl, and shares great chemistry with Dhanush during the intimate scenes. However when it comes to the depth scenes, she just irritates.

Anirudh Ravichander is a bunch of talent. When he takes the piano or the violin or the guitar, he just owns the crowd. Mandolin Seenu for the theme music is a smart application of talent.

For those who are wondering what 3 stands for, since the suspense is already out, I can go ahead reveal that it is Ram (Dhanush), Janani (Shruthi Haasan) and Ram’s other side ! And just like Bipolar Disorder that Ram develops, the movie and the performances excite you too much in the first half and deeply affect you in the intense second half.

–Varun Mannava Gowtham

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