MI 4 : Ghost Protocol

Even secret-agents need friends !

If you are scared of heights, don’t even think about watching Agent Ehtan Hunt crawling up Dubai Burj! It could give you the ticklish feeling especially when you are watching it on IMAX. Trust me, you would not have witnessed a harsher sand storm either in non-animated action flicks.

Right from the sparky MI4 title to the smoky Ghost Protocol title to the hoody jacket appearance to the disappearing in the dark, this movie thrills you from the beginning till the end. The plot is crispy and does not demand too much attention from the viewers.

For all you gadget freaks out there, you are gonna feast on the fresh gadgets that you are gonna see. Best part is when the mask maker shuts down incompletely displaying an error and the scene where Agent Ethan Hunt needs to pat on the self-destruct messenger to actually self-destruct. Reality check ha!

One needs to appreciate the guts of Tom Cruise to go shirt-less at the age of 50. There is the trade-mark scene of him running around in the mission impossible movies. He may pass on the role to younger looking agents in future? Jennifer Lopez .. err.. Paula Patton looks amazing in this movie. She plays Agent ‘eye candy’.  Anil Kapoor plays Vijay Mallya in the movie.. comic relief! That leaves us with Jeremy Renner and Simon Pegg. Simon pegg is amazingly funny.

Brad Bird, the director of the animated movie “The Incredibles” directs this action flick amazingly well. Attention to details is great, however Mumbai is restricted to Ramoji film-city? I saw telugu signages in the so-called Mumbai.

The popular MI theme comes back to rock you and may be because the Brit Secret Agent did not do well in the box office, the experience of watching the American Secret Agent and his gadgets goes one level up.

An Ageing Cruise pulls off a slick action flick. JeremyRenner quotes “Next time I am seducing the rich guy”, could this be the theme for MI 5? Keep looking for clues.

American Popcorn is back with a bang!

–Varun Mannava Gowtham.

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