Directed by: Anubhav Sinha

Starring: SRK, Kareena, Arjun Rampal, Armaan Verma

Music by:  Vishal – Shekhar

“Be a Super-Hero…. with a Heart!” these are the last words of G-One (SRK) to Lucifer (Armaan Verma). This gives you the gist of the movie.

The plot revolves around a scientist and his family. The scientist builds a videogame where the bad-guy (RA One, Arjun Rampal) is more powerful than the good-guy (G-One, SRK). RA One comes to life and spreads chaos. G-One plays the Savior.

There are quite a few instances in this movie, where one cannot help but be amazed by its potential. Especially around half-time when RA-One and G-One face each other for the first time. The visual effects are simply superb. However there are equally same number of instances where one feels that the ‘attention to detail’ is missing. The scientist ShahRukh eating noodles with curd is a good observation about south-indians, however the Super-hero ShahRukh climbing buildings and running sideways on a train was not explained. You see if G-One can do all these, then why can’t he fly? Do you get what I am saying, the itinerary of G-One’s and RA-One’s super powers is missing. Add to that the pathetic make up to Super-star Rajni sir in the 2 minute cameo. The scene is well built, but Chitti looks like a dupe of Rajni sir.

Everyone knows that ShahRukh Khan has the potential to pull female audiences in huge numbers to the theaters. G-One, the video-game super hero has the potential to attract kids. One would call this shift of focus as a calculated move, with SRK’s age-wrinkles becoming quite apparent! And he is working hard to pick up southern languages too? Kareena Kapoor looks tailor made for Chammak Challo, rest of her role is forgettable! Arjun Rampal gets the look, however his character lacks the depth.

If you call it inspiration, then I would say this movie is ‘Multi-Inspired’.  The Mammoth Barron Industries building showcasing the video-games technology looks inspired from Tron, besides the fact that the characters in video game come to life. Then comes the inspiration from “Terminator” where we see the bonding between a teenager and his bodyguard. Here its Lucifer who instructs G-one what to do and how to do. The list of inspirations does not end here. Both RA One and G One have a Heart, which is intensely inspired from Iron-Man. Finally there is a scene revolving G-one running over the local train, which is inspired from our very own ‘Robot’!

To wrap it up, G-One is an enhanced bodyguard with super-powers! He has no intentions of saving the world. He is custom made to protect Lucifer from RA-One !

With Gauri Khan producing the movie, can tie-up with brands be far? Volkswagen is the official automobile in this movie. One movie is worth 100 ads, you bet?

The Indian super-hero who looks dashing, is technically advanced, weak on script, high on emotions and finally can make you shake a leg too.

– Varun Mannava Gowtham

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