Directed by : Nishikant Kamat

Starring : John Abraham, Genelia, Vidyut, Raj Babbar

Music by : Harris Jayaraj.

Who guards the guardians?

Gautham Menon wrote and directed this movie in Tamil way back in 2003, however it generates the same respect even when it is remade in 2011. If Menon’s script suited the environment in 2003, Nishikant Kamat’s changes fudge amazingly well in 2011. Kamat’s efficiency in directing “Mumbai Meri Jaan” comes in handy when he sits down along with the writer Ritesh Shah to brainstorm on how to keep the movie realistic, given it is based on Narcotics control beaurau in Mumbai. Kamat has done is homework well and one should also not the amazing work of Aarif Shaikh who edited the raid sequences amazingly. Within 120 minutes, Force packs all the best aspects without spoiling the original movie too much.

It could finally be termed as the arrival movie for John Abraham (ACP Yashvardhan), who had earlier delivered hits only in multi-starrer movies. In this movie, his no-nonsense attitude helps in keeping the intensity of the movie intact. Playing a cop in Bollywood is never easy, given that we have had recent block-busters where the protagonists played cop. What makes John click is his greek-god like structure and not too lengthy dialogues. He can’t act, but at least he can pull off a clean scene, and he has done just that even without wearing the uniform at least once in the movie. This script depends a lot on the the emotional build up of the protagonist. The lead pair succeeds in pulling even college-goers to the theaters.

The golden goose of the movie is Genelia. She had slowly built up her reputation in bollywood through movies like “Jaane Tu” and waited for the right movie to prove her caliber as an actor. The honest, bubbly, naughty yet helping “Maya” wins over hearts and evokes genuine laughter too. This role is tailor made for Genelia and she has exploited it well, although she could not live up to Jyothika who portrayed the role in the original.

The bad guy- Vidyut Jamwal plays the ” You can smell your enemy, but can’t catch him” role. Raj Babbar does his cameo well, could be the lucky charm post “Bodyguard” movie.

Meet Harris Jayaraj, the popular composer from south, who shot to fame through RHTDM in bollywood. He delivers a couple of good songs and a great background score for this movie.

One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it, ACP Yashvardhan is no exception to this universal law.

Varun Mannava Gowtham

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