The Lion King (3D) 2011

This Animation movie from Walt Disney Feature Animation was made at a budget of $ 45 Million (1994). However its gross revenues till date stand at $ 783 Million. This evergreen story continues to win hearts around the globe, the revenue figures stand as a proof to this. The film being re-released in 3D can very well be your latest excuse to revisit the theatres and root for Simba as he fights-back to reclaim his succession as the Lion King.

Rafiki holds the baby Simba over the edge of the Pride Rock, as Hans Zimmer’s music runs in the background, and a few rays of sunlight tear through the clouds in the sky. The jungle gets to see their king. This is the best moment in the movie.

“Whatever the light touches is our kingdom” King Mufasa explains to his son Simba. Its the first time that Simba gets to see his kingdom. “And one day you shall rule it!” It gives you the same feeling when your dad sat with you for the first time and advised you about managing money or taught you how to drive a car! This movie thrives on such emotions that one can relate to in their personal life. That is what makes it a time-less classic!

Simba’s uncle Scar is definitely hurt about not being able to rule the Pride rock, however he is no hurry. An epitome of evil, he schemes his way through to the throne. When the cub Simba cries out standing next to King Mufasa’s carcass “Please help, somebody, anybody?”, it is sure to shake you up and test your EQ no matter what your age is. Luck favours Simba when he runs away from his plotting uncle. Scar then takes over the Pride rock claiming that both Mufasa and Simba were dead.

Simba makes new friends and he tries to forget his past, but his responsibility comes calling in the form of Nala, his childhood friend. Simba and Nala spend time together bringing back good old memories of Pride rock. Rafiki, the philosophical baboon, too catches the scent of Simba and comes searching for him. He makes Simba realise that King Mufasa never died and that he is alive within Simba. Does Simba get the courage to go back to the Pride Rock and face his family?

As Rafiki says to Simba, “one can either run away from one’s past or learn from it”. Must-see for your kids, an un-adulterated animation movie that has the potential to make them stronger emotionally. And yes, it entertains the adult audiences equally well!

Varun Mannava Gowtham

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