Bbuddah hoga tera baap!

“My Friend, Mumbai and I are childhood friends, we grew up together, got wet in the rain together. Today’s generation walks on the path that I created, they re-make my songs!” says Vijju (AB Sr.) to Mac (Makrand Deshpande) in a pub. Vijju says this to re-assert his position as the good old don of mumbai. If you listen properly, there is an inner voice of AB Sr. that is re-asserting his position as the “Baadshah of Bollywood”. Puri, who revolutionized the telugu film industry with his movie Pokiri (released in 2006, later re-made as Wanted in hindi) is back with a bang. The attitude which is evident in the title is carried on through-out the movie.

When Morgan Freeman played GOD in ‘Bruce Almighty’, no one asked for the logic behind it. The élan with which he portrayed the character made it believable. There is a striking similarity when AB sr. plays the role of a gangster, Vijju, who hates it when someone calls him “Bbuddah”. There is no message that AB sr. is giving in this movie, it is not a perfect puzzle, yet it is entertaining to the core. Hema Malini plays the gharwali, while Raveen Tandon plays the baaharwali.

When I say it’s not a perfect puzzle, I mean that the director has thought out the role of AB Sr. fully, however he has run into some trouble patching the remaining characters. May be this was done on purpose, so that you like the main character even more! The USP of Puri (Mr. Slick) is that he does not drag his movies one frame more. Its just another day in office for Prakash Raj, who plays the villain, as the role is no different from what he had portrayed in Pokiri, but should be enjoyable for hindi audiences. Sonu Sood gets a meaty presence.

When you look at an asset, you could be more sure of its worth. Lepakshi Ellawadi, the designer of AB Sr. has made sure that he looks worthy every penny. The uber-cool sun-glasses, the twin wrist watches that he flashes, the bright scarves to hide his age-wrinkles under the chin, everything gels !

Vishal Shekhar have etched out fine songs, “Haal-e-dil” gives the depth and opens up the platform for the veteran’s acting potential. “Go Meera Go Meera” is catchy, the timing of the song is just right. Special mention needs to go to the editors of Puri’s films. They got to be on their heels to catch up to the director’s vision. Shekhar, here has done a commendable job in portraying the parallel screenplays.

“Saara Zamaana, AB sr. ka deewana!” You walk out singing this anthem in your mind, as the end credits roll. And what an honour to have been entertained by the Baadshah himself.

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