Gone are the days when corrupt and selfish cops used to be the villains on the big screen! Honest cops seem to be a very distant myth both in real and reel life ! Find a corrupt cop, give him some witty one-liners and what you get is 150 minutes of conspirational entertainment! What keeps this movie different and composed from the block-buster Dabaang is that there are no unnecessary commercial elements, no emotional athyachaars and no glamorous actor/actresses.

“Mr.Realistic” Nana Patekar plays the role of Hanumanth Singh, Inspector – Crime Branch, Delhi . Mohit Ahlawat (Sub-Inspector Mohit) plays the role of Nana’s “Shagird” i.e. “Disciple”. Zakir Hussain (Raj Mani Singh), the famous villain of Sarkar, plays the part of the conspiring politician while Anurag Kashyap plays his right hand who gets caught.

Directed by Tighmanshu Dhulia, this movie becomes more interesting during the second half. Tigmanshu who has also co-written the dialogues, delivers a thrilling cat-mouse chase between Hanumanth Singh, Mohit and Raj Mani which keeps the movie on the run. In Indian mythology we have the famous situation between Drona (teacher) and Eklavya (disciple), where the disciple readily accepts to give up his entire learning at his teacher’s request. So would our Shagird, after learning the corrupt skills from the protagonist, would go on to save his teacher from the evil politician?

The “Nana-Factor” can be witnessed in the scenes where he rags his newly joined disciple, where he freely expresses his liking for classic bollywood songs. His dialogues are probably the best ones in bollywood this year and boy he delivers them to a cracking response from the audiences!

Editing and Background score are the major loop-holes that prevent this movie from becoming a classic like “Apharan” or “Gangajal”! Usually back-ground score needs to make-up for the loss of songs in movies, this movie has a score that makes even tele-serials sound better. The thrilling plot gets little help from editing, especially during Mohit’s “love-angle” scenes.

Average is the verdict for this movie that reminds you of “No Country for Old Men” kind of money chase, for Nana’s fans the verdict is one scale higher!


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