Sucker Punch

The only good thing about watching this movie was the Trailer of “Green Lantern”, a Diamond Comics superhero movie that seemed very promising. You may miss even that incase you are not watching in INOX Hyderabad screens !

Sucker Punch (in boxing terminology) is an unexpected blow either from a close range or from behind. The Director Zack Snyder (who also directed the movie 300) delivers a Sucker Punch to the audiences and there is no way you can dodge once you have bought your tickets. You could laugh your heart out while the actors are actually performing high octane action scenes or else you could scream out of frustration when “Baby Doll” is about to dance, you have the power !

“If you do not stand for something, you would fall for anything!” Zack snyder should have understood this line while writing this script, as it looks like a video-game version of the movies “Shutter Island” + “Inception”.

“Baby Doll” (Emily Browning ) is forced into the Mental Asylum by her step-father (The sequences are shot without any dialogue and this initial 15 minutes of the movie stand out). Blue (Oscar Isaac) is in charge of the asylum and is also the bad-guy and Madam Gorski (Carla Gugino) tries to cure the patients with her soothing therapy. The protagonist takes the audiences through two levels of hallucinations as she tries to escape along with her inmates Sweet Pea ( Abbie Cornish),Rocket ( Jena Malone), Blondie (Vanessa Hudgens) and Amber (Jamie Chung). First level is that she imagines the Mental Asylum to be a strip club (only to make it entertaining). Second level is nonsensical and sucker-punchy as she imagines herself defeating Giants, Dragons, Robots with the guidance of a drunk master who doesn’t stop jabbering stupid advises (If you don’t stand for something… ..)

So do “Baby Doll” and her friends break-free? Trust me, no one cares, and could you please ask the narrator to cut the “Guardian Angel” and “The Power is yours” crap ?

If 300 was eye candy to the female audiences (six-pack Spartans flexing their muscles), this movie could mean the same to the male audiences. Just that 300 had excellently choreographed fight sequences and there was a lot of passion involved from the viewers too , Sucker Punch sucks big time in generating similar emotions.

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