The Nutcracker 3D

So when was the last time you remember talking with toys? Or seeing kids talk to their favorite toys? The enthusiasm and energy of the child while talking to their toys makes you believe and wish the toys were alive. The Nutcracker gives you the same feel, or should I say a fantastic feel?

The movie is set in a period English backdrop, revolving around a rich family where the parents don’t have enough time for the kids. The kids yearn for more time with their parents, but need to compromise with loneliness. In such times, given the age, kids befriend their toys with whom they share their happiness and sorrows. Mary (Elle Fanning) the elder of the two kids, is the soul and energy of this movie. Kids would instantly relate to her character and like her. She is the one who discovers that the Nutcracker and the house of toys are indeed alive even though the parents think that is non-sense. Mary’s uncle Albert (Nathan Lane) brings these toys home for Christmas. Uncle Albert believes in the companionship of toys and thinks it’s psychologically important for parents to believe in their kids.

The Nutcracker (NC) dressed as Napoleon Bonaparte, is cursed by the Rat King’s mother. Mary’s belief brings him back to human form and he is a Prince (Charlie Rowe). NC and Mary go a mini adventure ride where Mary gets to meet the snow fairies and also feels excited about the prince coming to life. The prince tells Mary about the evil intentions of the Rat King (John Turturro) and the Rat King’s mother. The Rat King and his army take over the city and enslave the citizens to work in the Smoke factories. The smoke factories are the place where toys are burnt. Rats are the destroyers of toys.

John Turturro’s performance as the Rat King shines. The king is well dressed and well behaved except for this anti-toy intentions. Kids would definitely hate him, given that he takes pictures of toy-deprived kids from around the world. How NC and Mary along with NC’s friends persuade the Rat King and vanquish him is the rest of the story.

Perfect treat for kids aged between 3 to 7 and as their parents you could reclaim your childhood too ! The visuals are exciting and would make them scream with joy, especially the snow fairies episode and the Climax action sequences.

— Varun.

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