Gaganam – fits the bill for an Indian Television series !

Promising trailers, good actors, serious posters and subtle publicity could be misleading at times. You walk into the theatres expecting a serious, in-depth drama and what you get to see is a decent, television viewer worthy superficial acting.

The opening frame shows people from all walks of life trying to make it to the air-port to catch a Delhi-bound flight. Few of them dissolve naturally into the plot while few of them stand out like artificial colours/ falvours in a nice drink. The plot also could have been arguably weak (thanks to some STUPID twist) but actors like Nagarjuna and Prakash Raj carry the movie on their shoulders and safely deliver it to an average climax. Till the flight gets hijacked, all the artists act in the plane as if they are supposed to do it, seriously, wats a mimicry artist doing there? And who said that the terrorists should be so artificially loud, none of the terrorists impose terror on the travelers because the actors react as if they already know what’s going to happen. You see, this is difference between a television series acting and an on-screen acting. Director has failed miserably in casting except for the characters of Nag and Prakash Raj.

Legendary movies like Roja, Dil Se which dealt with terrorism, contain depth acting even from character artists. However Gaganam fails miserably when you look at the movie in this context.

Mr. Nagarjuna, you rock in the commando character and all the fans should feel content. Quite a few bold dialogues like the one where the commando in charge (Nag) yells at his bureaucratic bosses for in-decision and “do you have a better idea” send message to the Indian Government that we are fed-up with old and indecisive people holding offices at disaster handling posts in the country.

There is no need to entertain viewers in movies dealing with sensitive topics, so Mr. Bramhanandam you don’t fit the bill. But amazingly the comedy track by the Movie hero on board and his fan gels very nicely with the movie evokes good laughter.

Movies that have no songs need to have a note-worthy back-ground score, Mr. Radha Mohan (director) please take lessons from Mr.Ram Gopal Varma’s movies. Mr. Mani Ratam / Mr. Ramu as directors for this plot would definitely have done justice.
The director of this movie needs to watch movies like “Air Force One” to understand what it takes to make a hi-jack thriller. May be he watched it but still decided to make the movie suitable for the family audiences and that has made all the difference!

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