The Green Hornet

Every Morning needs to start with the right Coffee, failing which could create two absolutely FUNNY and purposeless SUPER-HEROES – “The Green Hornet” (“Britt Reid” – Seth Rogen) and his side kick “the black something..” (“Kato” – Jay Chou)
Coming back to the coffee part – Kato is the super-machine expert who prepares Britt’s coffee every morning using a custom-designed coffee machine. Britt’s dad (“James Reid” – Tom Wilkinson) runs The Daily Sentinel newspaper. Like a typical father, he keeps trying to infuse some ethics / habits into his spoilt son. This only develops hatred between the father and the son right from Britt’s childhood.
One day Britt’s father passes away due to some mysterious circumstances, stung by a bee ! The society builds a statue for James Reid, which obviously is frustrating for the kid who hates his dad to the core. The next day Britt wakes up, tasting a disastrous coffee, he becomes furious and calls for Kato after learning that he is the usual coffee guy. But actually Kato is not just a coffee guy, he specializes in machinery and gadget designing. Kato walks Britt through his gadgets which lights an idea in Britt’s not-so-used brain. He brings up the idea with Kato who agrees to help him. What starts as an episode of the Brat kid taking revenge on his father by decapitating the head of the homage statue ends with the super-hero duo restoring the head back by the end of the movie.
Kato realizes that the Green Hornet is not as martial expert as himself and hence designs a cool gun to handle the bad guys. This gun can put the victim to sleep for (ahem..) 11 days in the first instance. Kato improvises this to 1 hour, yet another hilarious moment.
The asset of this movie is the really funny villain (Christoph Waltz) who is worried by the mere fact that nobody fears his name anymore (Ched-Nof-Ski is his name) and so he commands respect by flashing and also using his custom-made double barreled pistol. He kills 2 enemies in a single shot and that too without any warning. This bad guy won the Academy award for his immensely torturing role as the “Jew Destroyer” in the movie “The Inglorious Bastards”. The character in this movie runs into a mid-life crisis and renames himself as “Blood-nof-ski” and wears Red.
The Green Hornet and his team disturb the happily running business of the only Bad-Guy in town. Also Britt realizes that his dad’s death was not accidental, but a conspiracy by the District Attorney. How the good-guys beat the collective bad-guys in not-so-planned way is all the fun about. And did i forget about Cameron Diaz’s role? Oh yes, she plays the role of a secretary to the Green Hornet. How she looks and what she does in the movie is best forgotten.
These funny super-heroes who fight over a hot secretary, who travel in a half-car towards the climax of the movie (the rear part of the car gets crushed when they land in an elevator and move up) entertain kids and adults alike. That’s all folks !


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