Three Letters to my Younger Brother — the Gist of DHOBI GHAT —

Usually when someone’s cooking, the intention is to mix things, fry them up, add flavours and finally give a final delicious product in the end. Dhobi Ghat gives you them separately, you can see them, smell them and feel them but they would not give a final product in the end. They just part their own ways, that’s the beauty of Randomness !

When you walk out of the theatre, you are happy that you watched a motive-less, message-less, advise-less movie. And for god’s sake its a realistic movie, so entertainment seekers please stay away!

Casting is tailor-made, partly english – partly hindi, there’s a slight touch of co-incidences also running through in the script.

The sucker as well as the savior of the movie is the video recording done by the character Yasmin Noor, which initially is a little immature / childish, but towards the end it attains great depth. The intensity shakes off Arun (Mr. Aamir Khan) !


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