Ok so if you go to the plot straight forward, yet another “under-cover cop story with a stupid twist in the end” template. I wonder why the entire T-wood is still obsessed with the Super Hit movie POKIRI (Lets call this as STANDARD going forward in all my future Telugu movie reviews, guessing the directors would still be inspired by the concept of undercover cop for future movies too in the years to come.) Guessing even Mr.Prakash Raj would once ask the director if it’s the “Ali Bhai” role, and then he would decide his lines and costume all by himself. Please stop doing this sir !!

So now coming to how different this movie is (from the STANDARD) …

Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja, that’s a nice Screen Title and he lives up to the expectation. Does best what he is famous for, the trade-mark naughty one-liners and funny expressions. Fits the role well, especially that of a cop!

Block-buster songs and two hot heroines are a double-plus, should woo the audiences to the theatre and keep them glued, even though the plot is inspired from the STANDARD.

Deeksha Seth fits her role better in the movie than Richa (who still seems to have stage fright, evident in dialogue delivery and songs)

Overall, watch the movie if you want to have fun, a few sequences are damn hilarious and fresh.

–Varun’s Word

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