Rakta Chraritra (Hindi)

Indian Cinema is fast reforming. Gone are the inspirations from the West, we now have our very own local/ regional figures whose biographies have become the protagonists of the "Rakta Chraritra" series of Movies. Ram Gopal Varma "ANNA" has gone far ahead of other sequel makers and has given the date of next movie series release at the end of this movie.
The movie is very intense from the beginning till the end, as the title mentions, history of blood. Definitely not for the faint hearted.
Plot is set up in Anandpur district of AP, how the turn of events in Pratap Ravi’s (Vivek Oberoi) personal life, became benefical for a political party (role of Andhra Politician enacted by Shatrugan sinha) and how he enters politics to vanquish his final enemy. The protagonists’ life initially is all blood and gory. Portrayal of these incidents comes easy to RGV, as he tries to portray them as true to life and as torturing as possible.
50% of the characters in the Hindi movie are telugu character artists, Kota Srinivas Rao does a great job, Tanikal Bharani fits the role. There is even Subhalekha Sudhakar. This again is a new trend in Original Hindi movies. The final twist is the RAKTA CHARITRA 2 title in the end of where SURYA is the protagonist and Vivek Oberoi becomes his target. Seems very promising – may be national award for SURYA ??
Back-ground score is awesome and indulging, few scenes of the movie are so gory that they naturally increase your heart rate and create profuse breathing, so definitely not a family entertainer movie…. best elevation scene for Vivek Oberoi being " Pratap ANNA, mujhe maaf kar do! "
— Varun.
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