My take on Telugu movie — Leader —  
Leader inspires but does accomplish his own mission….. WINS hearts but loses grip in the second half… some sense of incompleteness in the story as one comes out of the theatres. Politics in India is bad, dirty, we have seen these in numerous movies, what is the creative solution to dirty politics (apart from bringing out Black money to light as already seen in Sivaji, Kandasaamy and Kick), thats what makes a movie larger than life…
The country needs Young Leaders but not politicians (Needless to say, Genius Mani Ratnam already attempted this concept in Yuva) .. I would say Shekar Kammula need not have chosen Politics as the theme when he did not have out of the box ideas… Background score, BOLD dialogues targetted @ the Politicians and Lead actor Rana’s commitment are the only saving grace for this movie.
May not be as big hit as HAPPY DAYS.
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