Slum dog – review

Now who (Indian) would appreciate the theme of a movie which explicitly shows a section of people cannot survive unless they cheat / rob. The "Have nots" robbing the "Haves". I would only accept the reality (with my head bowing down in shame).
Of course people love the Robin-hood type of stories, but this one though is much of a struggle for existence where people have no time for ethics / moral values. All they need is money to survive. The protagonist, however, finds the path of hardwork and honesty as much preferrable after a certain age in his life. This is one admirable and the only saving face in regard with the theme appealing to the INDIAN Audience. The rest of the movie does not appeal or strike a chord or inspire since the movie is more of a revelation of Inidian poverty to the world’s eyes. Inspiring movies like Lagaan a far better in terms of theme.
In terms of depicting reality, this movie has truly international standards. Its not something new to the Indian audience, as there have been a lot of hollywood movies depicting reality-bites. Not sure why this craze in India for this movie.
I would say except for the background score, I woud forget the rest of the movie for good as the ultimate victory is also not too satisfying / inspiring.
I would rate it a 2.5 on a 5 scale for the technical capabilities of the movie. Definitely not the most awaited movie of the decade. Sorry Anil Kapoor !
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